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Step 4: Make it last. (Process over Production.)

We often describe our collaborations with scientific researchers as Public Engagement but what does Public Engagement actually mean?
It’s one thing to visit the researchers in their workplace, have a look at what they’re doing & do our level best to understand. Sure, that’s Public Engagement: the scientists get a chance to explain themselves; we get a chance to gawp slack-jawed at their high tech equipment. It’s something else to process what we’ve learned & convert it into something performable that the world can access & understand & engage with. That’s Public Engagement too: converting the research into a different vernacular & exciting a response from a different public. Ideally a public who wouldn’t normally have much to do with VR or Quantum or whatever we happen to be working on.
But, for us, Public Engagement goes much further that that. Our understanding of Public Engagement means involving as many people as possible in the wierd & wonderful world we’re …

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