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Step 5: Never work with children or animals

It’s an oft-repeated phrase in our industry: never work with children or animals! Animals are so unpredictable! You can rehearse all you like but when the camera’s rolling, you never really know what they’re going to do. And children? Well, according to the maxim, children are really just animals dressed up & walking on their hind legs!

Well, as ever with this collaboration we are flying in the face of conventional wisdom!

It is now considered part of Kilter’s best-practise to spend a good proportion of any research time with young people... but that’s not to say it’s always easy.

With Kilter we spend a lot of time thinking about the future. We imagine what it’ll be like if VR headsets become as discreet & commonplace as mobile phones; we create scenarios where quantum weaponry has got into the wrong hands. We throw about dates - 10, 20, 50, 100 years into the future.

With each passing year, it becomes increasingly difficult to imagine ourselves in the worlds we anticipate. Whe…

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